Line Boring Machines

These portable line boring machines drill extremely precisely. They are easy to set up, and very rigid thanks to their double guide bars. They are suitable for a wide range of bore dia­meters and can be set up hori­zontally or verti­cally. Their dimensions and porta­bility make it possible to reach even diffi­cult areas.


Feed is adjustable over a wide range, inclu­ding rapid tra­verse. These machines use our uni­ver­sal mount system, a single inter­change­able system for line boring and for our auto­matic bore wel­ding system.

Line Boring Machines
Line Boring Machines


  • Highly developed, precision drive available in electric or pneu­matic versions
  • Wide range of bore diameters, from 1.5 to 16 in / 38.1 to 406.4 mm
  • Tough construction, with parallel guide bars for repro­ducible boring results
  • Simple setup thanks to standar­dized mounting system, rapid confi­guration, and easy handling
  • Horizontal and vertical use
  • Combined setup for line boring and bore welding possible
  • Optional support bearings available